97km run from Barking to London

Today I met a customer who enjoyed thinking of original ideas for extreme sporting charity events.He organises them through social media,such as Twitter and Facebook.
Recently he planned and completed a 97km run with seventy other people from Barking to Brighton.It took him 16 hours,of which about 3 hours were rest stops.He planned the route so that it passed several MacDonald restaurants,as they are open 24 hours,and have toilets and food and drink available.
There were two cars running supportincluding spare socks,and all runners wore high visibility jackets ,on council advice,as some of the route was on unlit country roads. The route was printed out on 60 pages from Google Maps,organised into a binder that each runner consulted every 40 minutes or so,although the two front runners,the fastest of the group, were using GPS units with pre-programmed routes in them.As it was raining for most of the event,the route notes became a bit soggy.
This customer had started extra training 6 or 7 weeks before,with 25 mile runs at weekends,but he normally does an eight mile run anyway on the treadmill every day anyway.
Everyone was very tired when they got to Brighton.
The next event he is planning is a 24-hour football match,to be held in Watfords ground if at least 600 people get involved.

He called me as he wanted to get his bike serviced and ready for some longish (20 miles or so to begin with)  rides with his friend who is a keen cylist,and he needed bike repair job. I told him I didn’t think he’d have any problem with biking that far after that long run.

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